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Released 15 September 2006

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running outside

Paul Berner (USA) - bass
Ed Verhoeff (NL) – guitar
Peter Tiehuis (NL) – guitar
Hans van Oosterhout (NL) – drums

The song of the hot summer air. Driving with the windows down and the radio loud. Wind waves in the long grass. The endless beat of telephone poles along a gravel road. Dancing of dust devils, driven by the wind and running with it…

Belonging more to the sky than to the earth.

At the crossroads where country, folk, rock and jazz meet you’ll find the Paul Berner Band and their new CD titled “ RUNNING OUTSIDE .” Gliding textures layered by guitarists Ed Verhoeff and Peter Tiehuis float over a stream of rhythm provided by drummer Hans van Oosterhout and band leader and bassist Paul Berner . This is instrumental music that knows no boundaries. Featuring songs by Berner, George Gershwin , and Bruce Springsteen , “ RUNNING OUTSIDE ” finds roots in the American Heartland, reaches into the open sky of the American West, and warms in the glow of European cities. A simple melody becomes an orchestral event. A multi-layered improvisation becomes a memorable tune. The sound seduces you and embraces you.