About Twister





Looking for something?

It’s the 21 st century. And there is a new music out there. And new listeners, a new audience. Made up of people like you who are looking for something that they miss. People who, while they may not be opposed to shiny, bright, finely-combed music, have had enough of having it shoved down their throats. Listeners who still love personality, raw character, and unique sounds; nothing generic, nothing in boxes.

This new music has no name.

But it’s there.

If you look for it.

How can you describe it? It’s not pop music, though it grew up on pop. It’s not jazz music, though it loves the purity of jazz. It’s not rock music, though it loves the big gesture. It’s not country music, but it’s not afraid of the twang. It’s not world music, though it always has its ears open.

It invites you in, into its world, and makes you feel at home. But it also takes you on a ride, to places you’ve never been. It’s not surface, it’s depth. It doesn’t shine, it gleams. It doesn’t scream for attention, it seduces you with a whisper.

It brings clarity and emotion back into the music of today. Simple but not empty, free but not aimless, open but still intimate.

Simplicity in form, depth in content.

A combination of old and new.

Looking for something?

Your search has paid off. Welcome to TwisterRecords.